About Joanna

With a passion for storytelling and a voice that commands attention, Joanna has lent her talents to record thousands of corporate narrations for companies across the globe.

Joanna possesses the ability to breathe life into scripts and bring depth to characters. Her warm and engaging tone combined with impeccable diction and a wide vocal range make her a great choice for diverse projects, from commercials and documentaries to e-learning modules and audiobooks.

Joanna's dedication to her craft is evident in the way she continuously hones her skills and embraces new opportunities for growth. 

When she's not behind the microphone, Joanna enjoys exploring the world, immersing herself in different cultures, and drawing inspiration from the beauty and diversity around her. Her love for travel fuels her creativity and enriches her performances, as she draws from a wide array of experiences to bring depth and authenticity to her work.


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Clients Include-

GM Blue Print
Point Bio Pharma
Abbvie Pharmaceutical Research
Francesco Shank, Director
Coach Fuel
Sienna Shaw, Author


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